Saturday, 17 September, 2016


It's been long since I wrote my blog. Today after watching Love Vivy, I felt the urge of writing again. I viewed her blog and looked at the pictures, her stories...I am very impressed. Now i really regret for stop writing...I missed the memorable moment...that I was supoosd to write down...the happy, the sad, the challenging and the shocking experiences that happened in my life. But the most unforgettable moment that i will never forget is THE DAY I BECAME A MOTHER. I myself can't believe it. Me a mother?? Who would has thought of that. But i am and im very happy. On the 8th January 2015..I gave birth to a beautiful and unique daughter of mine. She was born at 1157H on a Thursday. The experience of giving birth. i would have never imagine, The pain that every moms in the world has to face...But the pain was worthy. Giving a life to a child is the best feeling a woman could ever had..with Allah's will. I'm really thankful for that. Well. continue with my daughter was named Aisyah Zara binti Mohd Azhar. The letter A was after her dad's and the letter Z for after mine. She weighs about 1.87kg and was so tiny. The size of my hand. So small that she looks so innocent. Her eyes were closed. Her lips were red. Her nose was so cute. Her hands that were graceful. Every parts of her i loved. THANK YOU ALLAH...for the most precious gift that you could ever gave me. Because of her tinyness, i had to tie up her mittens with a rubber band...hehe..unique. Her hat was even bigger than her head. But her size didn't matter. As long as i know that she is healthy...My baby Aisyah Zara. I hope we will grow old and me~the end

Sunday, 11 December, 2011

a dream dat felt so real

i keep dreaming of him...wat does dat mean?am i still in luv wif him??i don't.people say dat if we keep having a dream of someone, its shows dat we always think of him.but i cant avoid to think of him can i. i mean i hav a hepi life now wif my fiancee...he's kind to me and everything. i will not do anything dat might hurt him. please leave my mind...i cant do dis hurts and im miserable always...its not ur fault but its shows dat i havent completely erased u...i admit i cant...ur still part of my life. but i luv my fiancee now and will always do...u'll jz hav a bit of piece of my heart~


selamat tinggal gonna miss u...i was at yogjakarta when i got the wat arwah yg selame ni tlh byk menjage dan menyayangi kami...the last time i saw her was at kelana jaya's tabung haji...bersyukur sgt sbb dpt pegi anta tok wat haji. at least i get to see her for the last time. yes i feel so sad but yet she gets to die in Mecca and the lucky thing is while she is performing her haji. may Allah bless her..amin. lps nie blk kg akn rs sunyi bcoz she was the reason everyone was there T_T. aritu blk raye aji pon rs sunyi je kg...xsangke akn sunyi selame-lamenye. she will be remembered and semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohNya..amin.

Thursday, 8 September, 2011

D 'cat' - 23 AUG 2011

i've completed my training...alhamdulillah. after 8 years of becoming a more buying dis buying dat...but it depends la on the personell....if they hav no shame they'll ask to do watever they want us to first operatioanl sortie was on 24rd aug 2011. it was auwsome. my first tasking and it was a VIP tasking. my route was from subang to kuantan and back to subang. plus my pilot was super cool. he didnt fust about anything but teach us. i salute u. and my 2nd sortie, i brought the sultan's pahang son and his football team. also route to kuantan. the football team was all foreign. but i didnt get chance to chat with them. my place is in the cockpit...wat a hell of experience i had. it made me njoy my flight throughout dis time. im really thankful for all the things i've acheived trough hards and downs...but i made it.THANK YOU ALLAH =)

Wednesday, 22 June, 2011

I yAnG mALas

boring gle ddk kt cni...wlpon dkt ngn rumah tp jauh plk people use to say...NEAR YET SO gle nk kje mcm nk ddk rmh and watch tv the whole day...mcm zaman sekolah dl...blkje dgn xtuka baju lg terus landing ats coach kegemaran...pastu makan sambil terlenting atas pemalas....skang xblh da nk wat cmtu...sbb ms xbyk mcm dl...huhu....pas kawen nk mtk ngn hubby xnk kejela....blhla tgk tv sepanjang hari..hehehehe....sebenarnye tade bnde nk cte pon cume nk update blog ni yg sudah lme terbengkalai...xnk jd mcm projek terbengkalai kan =)

Monday, 7 February, 2011


im missing Jeddah already...its been 7 days now since i got back....although there was much nagging n unsatisfaction but it turned out dat it was great!!!if i get a chance i wanna stay there, become the citizen...we might see from outside dat Jeddah is old fashion, not as modern as our country...but actually they are updated...i mean the technology and etc...wat we see on the outside is not the same as wat we see in the inside...totally different...their culture and ours....for example...we malaysian women tend to dress up when we go somewhere out from our home but the arabian's dress up at home..wearing only black abaya outside...dat's wat ladies are supposed to do exactly...looking beatiful only for the love ones and our mahram...hehehe...we might tink dat its hotla wearing abaya...rimasla konon but actually if we wear it..we feel really comfortable...i bet ya...we wont feel like a guy is watching us becoz we're all cover up...we dont attract guys attention becoz we only wear black...we all look the same on the outside...honestly its feels me...other things dat attract me is the totally in love wif the food i can a big fan of cheese, meat, and all types of bread.lets just say...arabian food is for me...i had 4 croissant on the first day i arrived at Jeddah...then i had arabic bread with butter and cheese...also stuffed wif slices of ham..delicious...walla...the deserts were marvellous...caramel...strawberry crumbled, cream puff and lots more dats i dont know the names..hehe..i just eat =) my half arabic and half malaysia friend's house...i had baby camel for lunch wif mindi (a type of arabic rice dat taste like beriani but better)...i just cant believe dat i ate camel...without tinking was good...taste like chicken...nooottt...most like cow i guess but very soft...and the can just taste the fat...the most delicious part...but during our walk in the market..there's not much to taste on...but there's stuff to try on...the second best i am a shopaholic..i bought everything dat i can first i didnt attend to buy anything bcoz i thought there wasnt time but as we finish our flying...of we go to the market place (sentence from aladdin)..from zero to....i cant find anything dat rhymes...huhu...dats all for now....there will be another story~the end

My TriP To jEDdah

its been 3 days since im staying in jeddah...not including the journey and everything,,,one hell of an xperience...lucky for not even operational yet but i get to go...yeah...our mission is to bring the students back to malaysia....besides dat we get to go on a holiday far ive only been to al-balad...a place to fav thing to do NOW.....i bought things but i tried to control it since ive been a debt of my credit card....although my heart is poundering for more....I WANT MORE......hehehe....tomorow i might be going to Mecca....hooray....the last time i went there was when i was standard was a long time ive been given another opportunity to set my foot at Mecca again...insyaAllah~the end